Our company Turkish Armed Forces and the Police Department needs of the armed and unarmed all aircraft belonging to the spare parts and aircraft that are used in the process of revision techniques, and all of the electronic product meets with broad international network of suppliers.


We have been supplying a lot of the materials used in the aerospace and defense industry. In addition, the supply of chemical materials used in the revision stage of the products used in the aerospace and defense industry is also provided by our company.

Alkali OIL AND RUST REMOVER Iron and iron alloy powder which get in the electrolytic or dipping oil used for cleaning and pickling method is substance. silicate included in the structure. SAE AMS 1380 Type I (water soluble powder) is manufactured according to the standards.


Iron, steel, brass, zinc, copper, aluminum, aluminum alloys and zinc-coated surfaces in oil, dirt, grease and so on. Used in alkaline cleaning of pollution is dust degreasing agent. cleaning effect through silicate and nonionic surfactants contained in the product is very high. Thanks to the film left on the surface, no rust after degreasing while preserving the surface and provides protection for a while. it does not damage painted surfaces. It can be easily used to make foam at high pressure washers. It produced in accordance with MIL-PRF-29602 Type II standards.

Alkali oxide and antioxidants

Iron, steel, titanium and its alloys in the immersion method used in all kinds of oxide and rust cleaning liquid for the purpose of work is cleaner. Providing SAE AMS 1380 Type I specification alkali base, a hydroxide, a chemical liquid. Aluminum used in material

ACID inhibitor

carbon stain deposits that occur in all kinds of steel engine parts and accessories,
lime, is a liquid product used after preliminary degreasing cleaning corrosion and rust.
Chemical MIL-C-10578 D Type III is manufactured according to the standards.

HOT TANK PAINT REMOVER epoxy on the surface of all kinds of metals and alloys, polyurethane, synthetic, liquid format used to solve age cellulosic paints, two-component product. special emulsifiers in the structure, with the help of anti-corrosion agents, wetting agents and aluminum, iron, steel, magnesium, titanium and cleaning of the paint surface on the alloy, will do no harm to the structure from corrosion. phenol structure as in the compounds, cyanide compounds, does not contain chlorinated solvents and derivatives thereof. Products are manufactured in accordance with MIL-PRF-83 936 C standard. passing all the tests performed as specified in the Standard reported.


Any metal part of the oil, lacquer on the electronic card for the cleaning of grease and carbon stain deposits, varnish, used to dissolve the thick coating such as paint. It makes cleaning without damaging the circuit on electronic cards.


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