Linear Motion Tester

The device conforms to the requirements of TS EN 14074 and TS EN 1335-3, including the rigid opening of the extension elements, the durability of the extension elements, rounding for moving filing pads, the resistance of the castor wheel and base of the chair, The device where the durability of the caps is tested.

The device is specified in TS EN 14074 Standard;

6.2.2. The resilience of extension members,

6.2.3. Strong opening of extension members,

6.2.4. The clamp test,

6.3.1. Vertical load on the covers,

6.3.3. The hinge of the hinged and spindle covers,

6.4.1. Strength of sliding doors and horizontal sliding doors

6.5.1. Durability of vertical sliding doors.

6.6.2. Durability of lowering caps.

6.7. Rounding tests for moving filing pads,

It can do it according to the relevant standards.

The device is specified in TS EN 1335-3 Standard;

7.3.5. The durability of the swivel wheel (castor) and the base of the chair,

7.4. The Rolling resistance of the unloaded chair whells

It can do it according to the relevant standards.

Sitting Surface and Backrest Strength Device

The device is able to perform the surface and back strength tests in accordance with the relevant standards in EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3, EN 1728, EN 12727, EN 15373, EN 1729-2, EN 581-2, EN 13761, EN 12520 .

Armrest Strength Tester

The device complies with the armrest strength tests in the EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3, EN 1728, EN 12520, EN 12727, EN 15373, EN 1729-2, EN 581-2, EN 13761 standards and the static load tests of the armrests .

Seating Surface Strength Tester

The device is capable of performing seat front edge durability tests in accordance with the relevant standards in EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3, EN 1728, EN 12520, EN 12727, EN 15373, EN 1729-2, EN 581-2, EN 13761.

Panel Type Furniture Strength Test Device

The device can be used in a variety of applications in accordance with EN 15372, EN 1729-2, EN 12521, EN 747-1-2, EN 716-1-2, EN 14749, EN 14073-2-2, EN 1725, EN 1730, EN 581-3, EN 527 -3, EN 14072 standards horizontal and vertical static load, horizontal and vertical fatigue, balance and vertical shock tests in accordance with the relevant standards.

Furniture Surface Scrubber

According to TS EN 438-2 (clause 25), TS EN 15186 (method b), the device is capable of testing the scratch resistance, circular scratch test of furniture in accordance with the relevant standards.

Laminate Surface Scrubber

According to TS EN ISO 1518-1, TS EN 15186 Method, the device can perform scratch resistance and linear scratch tests of furniture according to the relevant standards.


Explosion Resistance Tester

The device is tested in accordance with ASTM D 3786, ERT 80-4-20 GBT 7742.1, BS 3424-6-B, BS EN ISO 13928-1, ISO 3303-B, test area up to 50 cm2, Fabric, paper, cardboard, explosion resistance and swelling of the sample during the explosion test according to the relevant standards.

Color Fastness Detection Device Against Air and Light Conditions

In accordance with the standards ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-B04, ISO 105-B10, ISO 1ASTM D6695, ASTM G151, ASTM G155, AATCC TM16-1998, AATCC TM169, JASO M346, M & S C9, M & Color Harmony Detection is being conducted.

Iron Fill Tester

The device is used to determine the color fastness and draw of fabrics against dry heat and hot ironing, in accordance with AATCC, ISO 105, BS 1006 and DIN standards.

Zipper Tester

The device performs a zipper test in accordance with the BS 3084 standard.

Martin Dale Wear and Bead Tester

The device determines the wear and pilling resistance of each type of textile product. Continuous rubbing is applied to the specimens in a constantly changing direction and with a certain abrasive fabric at low pressure. The amount of wear and pilling is then compared according to standard parameters.

Wrinkle Detection Tester

The device is used to determine the properties of returning the fabric to its original consistency under a certain load over a predetermined period of time using a suitable weight determined in accordance with the standards of AATCC 66, BS EN 22313, M & S P22, ISO 2313, GB / T 3819.

Softness Tester

The device is used according to the IUP 36 standard for coated fabrics in the textile industry, products in the leather industry and soft materials.

Digital Pneumatic Hardness Tester

The device specifies the stiffness of fabrics according to ASTM D 4032 standard.

Digital Elmendorf Tearing Tester

The device is equipped with a microprocessor vertical moving sagger in accordance with BS EN ISO 13937, DIN 53862/53128, ASTM D 1424, BS EN ISO 4674-2, BS EN ISO 21974, ASTM D 6898-96A, TAPPI T414, NEXT17, M & Textile materials, paper and cardboard.

Water Permeability Tester

The device is placed in tension on the test apparatus in accordance with BS EN 20811, AATCC 127, GB / T 4744, BS 3321, BS 3424-26 (29A / 29C), ERT 120-2-02, ISO 811, JIS L1092A By dynamic and static test method; Is used to determine the fabric resistance against water permeability under pressure.

Air Permeability Tester

The device performs air permeability test on fabrics according to JIS L 1096-A, ASTM D737, B / T 5453, BS EN ISO 9237, EDANA 140.2 standards.

Tumble Dryer

The machine is a drum drying machine according to the standards of M & S P1A, P3A, P3B, P4, P4A, P12, P91, P99A, P134, NEXT7, BS EN ISO 6330.

Beading And Stretch Tester

The device tests the pilling and stitching of normal clothing on the fabric at a certain time according to BS5811, IWSTM152, NEXT 19, M & S P18, P18A, P18B, P21A, BS EN ISO 12945-1 standards.

Rotary Drum Bead Testing Machine

The device detects the pilling and pilling properties of textile fabrics in accordance with ASTM D 3512, GB / T4802-4, ISO DIS 12945-3 and JISL 1076-D standards.

Flammability Test Device

The device determines the fire resistance of soft toys and fabrics placed vertically in the ISO 6940, ISO 6941, BS 5438, BS 5722, BS 5866, BS 5867, BS 6249, BS 6341, DIN 54336, DIN 66080 standards.

Color Fastness Tester

The device is a test device that measures the resistance of the material against friction in accordance with JIS 10801, JIS 0849, JIS 0862, JIS 1084, TR 369B, NES M0155 standards.


Flash Point Test Device

The device performs the extinguishing and combustion point determination in lubricants in accordance with ASTM D-92 and ISO 2592 standards.

Oil and Fuel Analysis Spectrometer

The device performs analyzes of hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils according to ASTM D6595 standard, ‘Alkali Contamination Detection in Fuel’ analyzes according to ASTM D6728 standard. In natural and synthetic based products, detection of small particles and elements in dissolved or suspended state, pre-determined effects of corrosion and similar effects in the system can be pre-determined and necessary precautions can be taken before failure and / or maintenance.

Oil Analysis Spectrometer Device

The device displays in accordance with ASTM D6595 standard test method by means of spectroscopic technique Rotational Disc Electrode (RDE) technology. This is why the oil analysis laboratories are compact, robust, portable and easy to use spectrometer; Specially designed for the analysis of oil samples. Rotational Disc Electrodes (RDE) technology measures wear metals, contaminants and oil additives dissolved or suspended in mineral or synthetic petroleum based products.

Fuel Analysis Spectrometer Device


The device is a compact, robust and easy-to-use fuel analysis spectrometer. It is specially designed for the analysis of pollutants such as sulfur, potassium and vanadium which form ash and cause accumulation or corrosion at the operating temperature of the turbine. In fuels, very low amounts of dissolved or suspended particulate pollutants are quantitatively measured with a reliable rotary disc electrode technique (RDE).
Particle Counters, Automatic Particle Classifier and Dynamic Viscosity Measurement


The system performs particle counting in accordance with ISO 4406 (1999), NAS 1638, NAVAIR 01-1A-17, SAE AS 4059, HAL and ASTM D6786 standards and reflects the results to the screen in accordance with these standards.


Double Bath Full Automatic Viscosity Device


The Full Automatic Viscosity Analyzer is fully compatible with the ASTM D445 / 446 standard and has 100 different tube ranges. (0.5-5000 mm2 / s) Tubes are the most well-known and preferred Ubbelohde designs. With the modification made, the disadvantages such as too much sample use or chemical waste have been eliminated while maintaining a steady measurement structure. Modifiying tube analysis uses only 8 – 12 ml samples per head and 15-20 ml wash chemistry.
The device is compact, the floor area is small. There are two interconnected bathrooms and one each in a bathroom with a U-Vsc capillary tube. The high quality temperature control unit ensures that the analyzes comply with the ASTM D445 standard.
A 16-sample sample table is available in each bath. The device completes approximately 10 sample analyzes per hour. All the measurement data are transferred to the memorandum and can be monitored from there.
Water Oil Analyzer

The device performs oil analysis in water in accordance with ASTM D7066 and EPA 1664 method.

Oil Water Analyzer

The device is specifically designed to detect the amount of water contained in oils and other chemicals. Aquamax KF, which measures the electric current generated in the system due to the amount of iodine released into the reaction product of the sample with the reaction liquid, accurately and rapidly detects the amount of water contained in the sample up to one billionth (1 ppm). With this method Aquamax achieves definite results and the reaction liquids (reagents) do not need any calibration.

Sulfur Determination Device

The device performs single and / or multiple elemental analyzes in solid and liquid samples according to ASTM D4294, IP336, IP496, ISO 8754, ISO 20847, ISO 8217 standards.

Automatic Flash Point Tester


ISO 2719; ASTM D93; In accordance with IP 34 standards, it is used to determine the flaring point of fuel, chemical, waste oil samples.

Flow Detector Test Device

The device is ASTM D6749 / D97, ISO 3015 (PP) and ASTM D2500, ISO 3016 (CP)
Tests for cloud point and flow point in accordance with standards.

Automatic Distillation Device

Device, IP123; It is used for automatic distillation according to JIS K222 standards.

Automatic Flame Point Detection Device

The device is equipped with the Pensky Martens enclosure, ASTM D93, ISO 2592 IP 36 compliant Cleveland open enclosure, ASTM D56 standard enclosed Tag enclosure according to ASTM D93, ISO 2719 IP 34 standards


Gas Chromatography

Top class cap with a redefinition of sensitivity limits in trace analysis, fast GC applications, easy maintenance and use represent a new generation in GC analysis. The Advanced Flow Technology (AFT) feature allows the use of a number of peripherals including the device’s multidimensional GC (MDGC), capillary backflush and other special flow applications. The AFT feature can also be used without sacrificing basic performance characteristics; Shortening the analysis times, increasing the chromatographic resolution and establishing application specific configurations.


Enhanced efficiency – Ultra High Matrix Introduction (UHMI) technology combined with Sample Introduction System (ISIS 3) and ODS enables operation with virtually any sample with large dynamic range, reducing extra time and price increases that require re-running over range results.


The LC System is not as costly as a typical HPLC system, but gives fast results with high data quality. This system maximizes the smooth baseline and effective sensitivity in the diod array detector thanks to the superior gradient accuracy obtained from the high pressure mixture at a pressure of 600 bar. Based on our proven Fast Solving LC System, we guarantee full compatibility with your HPLC and RRLC methods. The binary system supports a wide range of LC and LC / MS applications with all narrow and standard bore analytical columns.

Ion Chromatography

The system has equipment that can perform any analysis you want to perform in anion cation analysis.

The ICS 5000+ system has a modular structure and you can use it in high-pressure capillary work if you do not want it to work analytically.

In particular, it is a non-competitive system that can routinely perform thousands of analyzes throughout the year using only ultra-pure water with 3 ppb bromate analysis conductivity detector.

It is possible to analyze all anions and all cations with a single injection at the same time by separating ion chromatography system either single or dual.

Various detectors can be connected to the system:

Diode Array
Electro Chemical

It has advanced electronics and digital technology for advanced continuous scanning, step scanning and dual channel applications.

The precise positioning of the moving mirror has critical preliminaries for determining the ultimate signal-to-noise ratio for experiments. Unlike conventional air-bearing and mechanical interferometers, the laboratory, which provides the ideal choice for the most sensitive and extremely demanding step- It is almost insensitive to vibration and acoustic noises.

Raman Spectrometer

Raman spectrometer is a customized macro-sampling Raman system with one-button operation, high automation, which brings the power of Raman technology to routine analysis laboratories

The Raman spectrometer is a new generation of Raman instrument designed for intensive multipurpose analytical laboratories where users are looking for reproducible and accurate results from a reliable, low maintenance device

With Raman, researchers and quality control specialists can benefit from the ease of sample preparation offered by Raman spectroscopy without having to invest in becoming a technology expert

Raman provides reproducible measurements with minimal operator training and versatility to process a wide range of sample formats.
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Atomic Absorption

A high-performance Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with double atomizer (flame / graphite oven), double beam. The spectrometer provides superior performance, flexibility and convenience. The unique dual atomizer design provides an automatic, efficient and safe transition between flame and graphite furnace analyzes. Superior optics, innovative design and ground correction accuracy ensure the desired analytical performance. The Hydrurea Generator can be used on both lines.


Pure Water Systems

The device is a device developed to obtain ultrapure water directly from the mains water without the need for pre-purification water. The device can produce 15 liters of 18.2 MΩ-cm ultrapure water per hour with direct line water connection. With this feature, it offers an economical solution for many laboratories. The device is microprocessor controlled so that the purity of the produced water can be continuously monitored.


According to performance characteristics, 3 different classes: B, E and P, 8 different capacity options in the range of 14 – 749 pounds
Natural air circulation or air circulation with fan (ventilation). Temperature range +5 …… + 220/250/300 ° C, operation with 0.5 ° C accuracy, Digital display, Stainless steel body

Ash Oven

Maximum temperature range: 1100/1200 and 1300c 5-100 liter capacity Digital or programmable controlled.

Laboratory Type Dishwasher

Laboratory type washer-disinfection devices offer suitable solutions for the re-use of laboratory glassware, thanks to the choice of suitable process parameters, chemicals, special detergents and temperatures.