DIN EN ISO 8990, DIN EN ISO 12567, DIN EN ISO 12412, ASTM C-1363, as defined in DIN EN 1946-4 standard brick, plaster etc. Enclosed test the thermal conductivity of building materials used in the hot box (Guarded Hot Box) Test System.

ISO 8302, ASTM C-177, DIN 52612, DIN EN 1946-2, EN 12664, EN 12667, EN 12939 standards as defined in brick, plaster etc. Hot Plate Heat measuring thermal conductivity of building materials used in the experiment (Hot Plate Thermal Measuring) Test System.

EN ISO 10140-5, EN ISO 354, ES brick in accordance with EN ISO 3741 standard, plaster etc. structures in materials, airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation tests, sound absorption coefficient testing and sound power level test can be performed.

Pedestrian accessible door sets test systems for industrial, commercial garage door and openable Windows.

TS according to EN 16034 standard, suitable for pedestrian doors, commercial garage doors and self-closing test of the window can be opened.

Air conditioning / heat pump and enthalpy Room Reverberation Chamber Test System

EN 14511-1, EN 14511-2, EN 14511-3, EN 14511-4, EN 14825, EN 1397, EN 14511-1, EN 14511-2, EN 14511-3,EN 14511-4, EN 14825-1, EN 1397, Eurovent 6/10 “Air Flow Test Method for ducted Fan Coil units” conditioners meets all the ingredients of standard, heat pumps, single and double units, ductless units, package units, VRF multi-split air conditioners with liquid chiller, for the detection of heating and cooling coils kapasiter. Electric energy consumption measurement, energy conditions test, heat recovery experiments and performance tests can be performed. EN 12102, EN ISO 3741,  EN 15036-1, EN 15036-2, EN 12102, EN ISO 3741, EN 15036-1, EN 15036-2 standard material meets all the air conditioners, heat pumps, single and double sided units, ductless units, package units, VRF multi-split air conditioners and liquid chillers, fin coil of, the boiler of the burner of the boiler and flue gas, sound pressure and sound power level of detection can be performed. EN 60704-2-3, EN 60704-2-4,EN 60034-9, EN 60704-2-1, EN 60704-2-2, EN ISO 1680, EN 60704-2-3, EN 60704-2-4,EN 60034-9, EN 60704-2-1, EN 60704-2-2, washing machines according to EN ISO 1680 standard, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fan heaters and noise tests of the electric motor (in the precision class TS EN ISO 3741) can be made