Software & Technology Solutions

Specialist staff and industry experience with our company to develop R & D on next-generation technologies and applications work aims to contribute to the progress of our country in global competition by combining different academic disciplines in this area.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies, distance learning applications, our company is working on the internet and app development platform, with national and international agencies on these issues and develop joint projects with universities. Different academic disciplines that can compete with the developed world and brings together examples of innovative products and content we create.

our customers’ production needs with specific solutions, shipping, logistics, reporting and corporate business package that contributes to process management and follow-up series with application program and Barcode Integrated Camera Recording System, delivery Reporting and Tracking Application, totally well as custom solutions we developed our own as Reverse Logistics Tracking System We are developing as integrated modules and add-ons to SAP.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality technology is beginning to show itself in all areas of our lives. We carry your virtual reality experience that we provide the infrastructure and content to the highest level.

Architecture, education, simulation entertainment, games, psychology and want to take advantage of the opportunities of virtual reality technology in many other areas, we can be your partner. Unity as a basic development environment, using engines like Unreal and CryEngine, in virtual reality applications and integration programs and data communications framework within which we create our own expectations, we are moving to a higher level.

Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR is not only a good product development partner for the HTC Viva or similar virtual reality video transmission devices at the same time we provide service in the concept and technology development.

If you want to develop products with virtual reality technology and implement your ideas, with our expert staff and technology infrastructure in this respect we can give you full support in this regard.